Observational Study
Observational Study I on Alpha PSP 01
Title:The Efficacy of Alpha PSP 01 on Coronary Heart Disease in the Staff of Cho Ray Hospital with Dyslipidemice (Toan Nh et al.)
Conclusion and Discussion
The study showed increased HDL-C (the good cholesterol) for all age groups after 90 days on Alpha PSP 01.

Research director at Cho Ray Hospital; Ministry of Health - Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh City: "The use of this Alpha PSP 01 natural food supplement powder, as part of an overall diet, proved to be highly successful in lowering the overall risk factors associated with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) through a significant increase in the beneficial HDL-C and Apo A-1, while concurrent obtaining reduction in harmful LDL-C (unpublished data).

Observational Study II on Alpha PSP 01
Title: The Study involving 767 participants with Type I and Type II Diabetes (Smith ND et al.)
Conclusion and Discussion
It was clearly shown in evidence-based studies that Alpha PSP 01 was able to help diabetic patients improve their overall health in that 83-86% of the 767 test subjects were able to reduce the daily intake of their prescription medications, while 70-79% of them were able to reduce the quantity of insulin injection when compared with before taking Alpha PSP 01.

It could also be concluded that male and femal subjects felt equally satisfied with Alpha PSp 01 regardless of the diabetic symtoms they had during the test.

Disclaimer: Theses statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not meant to cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
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