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3. Biological Domino Reaction
There are many processes taking place in our bodies while we are completely unaware of them. Every organ and every cell of our bodies run with an incredible speed and function perfectly at the same time. All perform the tasks that they are appointed to in harmony. Blood keeps conveying to cells the nourishment that they need to live. The stomach and intestines break down this nourishment into pieces and make it suitable for use by cells.When one of these tasks is delayed or not performed, the regular order of the bodily functions deteriorates. However, if our digestion starts to perform better, every component of our body will start to perform better and allow our body to rejuvenate and to repair themselves. Alpha PSP is not a mirical substance. Alpha PSP just helps our digestion system to perform better, resulting in helping other functions to start for perform better such as
  • » Enhanced nutrients absorption in the digestive system (stomach - small intestines - large intestines - liver)
  • » Prevents toxins and large molecules of undigested nutrients to pass through the intestinal walls into the blood stream
  • » Reduces unnecessary liver function

The more you help yourself by reducing the bad diet or increase the exercise, the faster result you will obtain. Again, Alpha PSP is not miracle. However, please don’t be surpise if you can start doing things that you haven’t done for a long time.
4. Safety
The main ingredients/nutrients in Alpha PSP are completely natural food products obtained from specially selected fractions of specific native strains of rice gains; therefore it is as safe as any other staple food products. The process employed in the production of Alpha PSP consists of controlled levels of mechanical high-pressure, temperature and heat, without using any chemical, enzyme, or acid. It is therefore safe for chronically ill individuals as well as individuals who have been diagnosed to be on the borderline of developing degenerative disease. There have not been any reports of adverse reactions when Alpha PSP is used together with medications since it was discovered in 2001. It is as safe as eating oatmeal along with medications. Doctors and health practitioners who have had experience using Bio-MR II along with their medication programs have observed faster recovery from illnesses in thier patients.

Alpha PSP contains no dairy, wheat, sugar, chemicals, fillers, binders, artificial colors, artificial flavors, additives, preservatives and it contains no genetically modified organisms (non-GMO), and has no know side effects. The only uncomfortable reaction would be a detoxification effect in rare cases during the first few days of consumption and that can be alleviated with temporarily reduction of the per serving dosage until the uncomfortable symptoms subside.

5. Usage
1-3 serving a day before meal. Sprinkly 1 teaspoon (5 g.) onto warm-hot water of fruit juice, liquid food or soup, then stir and drink.

Disclaimer: Theses statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not meant to cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
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Rice is an integral part of Thai culture and our way of life. It is the lifeblood nourishing Thailand from the past and into the future. History clearly demonstrates the enormous potential of Thai rice and its intrinsic values which has yet to be fully relised. Innovation can and will enable us to continue to hold on to rice as our precious national asset, especially our native and pure varieties which will allow more value added to be captured in an effective manner....