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Rice, a kind of cereal well-known to the Thais and to all of Asia as a staple food for centuries, has plaed an essential role in nutrition and to the health of people worldwide. Over half of the world population, especially the Asians, consume rice as their major source of dietary intake. It can be said that rice is the product originated from the endeavor and the industrious aspects of the Thai people. Rice has been the bloodstream, nourishing Thailand from the past and into the future. In addition to this, rice has also inherited the nations' valuable legends, passing from generation to generation. Therefore, all the Thai people have always realized the values of rice.

  • » Mechanically hydrolyzed brown rice flour 49%
  • » Mechanically hydrolyzed short grain rice flour 30%
  • » Mechanically hydrolyzed fragrant rice flour 20%
  • » Mechanically hydrolyzed spirulina 1%

Functional Food
100,000 years of natural, organic mineral accumulation in Thai soil, and 10,000 years of natural spirulina accumulation and production, which enables Thailand to cultivate highly nutritious, quality rice as an exceptional functional food. Thailand is therefore considered as one of the largest collectors and providers of natural energy in the form of rice grains to enhance the healing power of mankind. Thailand's natural, organic resources are also considered the largest plantation treasure in the world. Thailand, in association with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), is known to be leading the world in rice research with the aim to produce rice to feed the world's rapidly expanding human population.

Until recently, rice has been the basis of daily food sustenance. The National Innovation Agency (NIA) and MACROFOOD are in the process of innovative collaboration for the continued research with Thai scientist, biochemists and researchers who have devoloped Alpha PSP from Native strains of rice that has demonstated significant results in applications as a functional food for the prevention and alleviation of most degenerative diseases and metabolic disorders. It is known that ove 90% of degenerative diseasse are related to Syndrome X, a metabolic disorder whic may be overcome through the ingestion of our product.

Since the early 1990's, scientists and doctors at MACROFOO have successfully combined the Thai folk medicine techniques and theory with modern sophisticated mechanical hydrolysis, without using enzymes, acids or chemicals. Instead, we uses the power of indirect heat at controlled temperature coupled with high pressure to process selected fractions of specific strains of rice to obtain Alpha PSP, a nutrient compound in the form of a pulverized functional food supplement. This Alpha PSP has demonstrated in clinical practices its ability to aid thousands of individuals in the alleviation from leaky gut syndrome, toxic colon, allergy, metabolic disorders and chronic illnesses, which are the main causes of premature ageing and death among men and women living in today's industrialized societies.

Alpha PSP is the trademark of ingredients containing a unique functional and cellular food formulation made up of
  • » specific polysaccharide
  • » amino acid patterns
  • » minerals
  • » natural vitamin B-complex
  • » more than 50 antioxidants

These nutrients are essential for body functions.

Leaky Gut Syndrome and Toxic Colon
Leaky Gut Syndrome occurs in the small intestine and can impair the digestive functions resulting in allergic reactions, due to large particles of undigested foods and foreign substances directly entering the bloodstream thereby over-stimulating our immune response. This is a major underlying problem of all degenerative diseases due to the inflammatory and pro-inflammaorty processes. This is one of the main reasons for premature aging in human beings. Many individuals suffer from allergy and arthritis due to leaky guts (gut permeability) allowing toxins to enter the bloodstream. Alpha PSP is a bioactive compound that may provide benefits on Leaky Gut Syndrom. One is to provide pro-enzyme activity enhancing digestive enzyme function. Another is that it can provide a good source of energy through polysaccharides and polypepetides that provide high concentrations of glutamine for repairing process of the intestinal villi.

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Rice is an integral part of Thai culture and our way of life. It is the lifeblood nourishing Thailand from the past and into the future. History clearly demonstrates the enormous potential of Thai rice and its intrinsic values which has yet to be fully relised. Innovation can and will enable us to continue to hold on to rice as our precious national asset, especially our native and pure varieties which will allow more value added to be captured in an effective manner....