Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Alpha PSP is safe?
A: The main ingredients/nutrients in Alpha PSP are completely natural food products obtained from specially selected fractions of specific native strains of rice grains; therefore, it is as safe as any other staple food products. The process employed in the production of Alpha PSP consists of controlled levels of mechanical high-pressure, temperature and heat, without using any chemical, enzyme, or acid. It is therefore safe for chronically ill individuals as well as individuals who have been diagnosed to be on the boarderline of developing degenerative disease. There have not been any reports of adverse reactions when Alpha PSP is used together with medications since it was discovered in 1995. It is as safe as eating oatmeal along with medications. Doctors and health practitioners who have had experience using Alpha PSP slong with their medication programs have observed faster recovery from illnesses in their patients.

Alpha PSP is hypoallergenic and contains no diary, wheat, sugar, chemicals, fillers, binders, artificial colors, artificial flavors, additives, preservatives and it contains no genertically modified organisms (non-GMO), and has no known side effects. The only uncomfortable reaction would be a detoxification effect in rare cases during the first few days of consumption and that can be alleviated with a temporarily reduction of the per serving dosage until the uncomfortable symptoms subside.
Q: What is Alpha PSP 02?
A: Alpha PSP is the trademark of ingredients containing a unique functional and cellular food formulation made up of
  • » polysaccharide
  • » amino acid patterns
Q: What is the benefits of Alpha PSP 02?
A: Alpha PSP 02 helps supplement our normal diet by providing better nutrition to strenghen our body system, including our brian and nervous systems. Functional benefits of Alpha PSP 02 may include
  • » Aids in glucose/energy metabolism thereby increasing the efficiency of energy production and improving blood sugar levels
  • » Enhance glucose uptake by cells for cellular energy production, thus providing a constant and adequate supply of energy for all bodily functions.
  • » Acts as a pro-enzyme and pre-probiotic, and provides fiber-like action thus improving digestion, absorption and elimination.
  • » Promotes healthy brian and neuronal cells, resulting in improved brain, memory and learning functions.
Q: Who can take Alpha PSP?
A: Alpha PSP is suitable for everybody. It is natural and can be instantly recognized and utilized by our body as food, so that when body cells become better nourished and healthier, they will in turn stimulate the body's natural healing power to work against sickness and illness.
Q: Can Alpha PSP be taken along with medications and will it interfere with the efficacy of medicaines if they are taken together?
A: To date, there have not been any reports of adverse reactions when Alpha PSP is used together with medications. It is as safe as taking bread and oatmeal along with medications. Doctors who have had experience using Alpha PSP along with their medication programs have observed faster recovery from illnesses in their patients.
Q: If I start with Alpha PSP now, when should I stop my medications?
A: Alpha PSP 02 is not a medicine nor should it be considered as an alternative for any medicine. We usually recommended to our chronically ill customers that they should take Alpha PSP along with whatever medications they are taking until such time that they have observed satisfactory improvement in their health condition. Adjusting the medication program should be the responsibility of their doctors/health practitioners.
Q: How many times should I take Alpha PSP?
A: For a healthy individual, one serving of Alpha PSP a day before breakfast is recommended for maintenance of good health. For individuals who have chronic diseases, the advice would be to take Alpha PSP three times a day for at least 90 consecultive days to see satisficatory results. Although it has been tested and confirmed that three times per day is the most effective for most people, it is recommended that chronically-ill patients who may experience any uncomfortable detoxification reaction from the recommended 3 times a day should start with one serving a day and slowly increase to 3 times a day.
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