Message MS. Pensri Chtikavanij Chairperson of MACROFOOD
For centuries, rice has played a key role in nutrition and human health worldwide. Rice has been the main source of dietary intake for over half of the world's population, especially in Asian countries. The rice consumption ranges from the basic cereal form to various types of processed products. The nutritional values can also differ from one type of rice product to another.

Until recently, rice has simply been regarded by most people as the basis of daily food subtenance. Motivated by the ability of ancient Thai folk medicine doctors to apply Thai rice to treat various ailments, we at MACROFOOD took it one step further. We endeaored to create a new functional food from native strains of Thai rice, which has demonstated promissing results in preventing and alleviating most degenerative diseases and metabolic disorders.

We are proud to be part of many efforts to help bring better health to mankind around the world. Thanks to all involved in these efforts. May we all be blessed with timely and graceful success.

I am pleased to extend my sincer congratulations to the management of Macro Food Tech Co., Ltd. for thier achievements in scientific research, in cooperation with Thai Government agencies, on our national crop. I wish them further success in their endeavour.

General Prem Tinsulanonda
President of the Privy Council and Statesman
MACROFOOD provides new generation natural health products for people who choose to take responsibility for their own healt and healing though natural means. MACROFOOD's core competency is to create health promoting and regeneartive products.

MACROFOOD has delivered award winning Alpha PSP to dozens of companies in teh USA and Europe since 1995 which includes health care, pharmaceutical and food enterprises. The MACROFOOD team is rightly qualitied with a background in biochemistry, pharmacy and developing innovative health products.
MACROFOOD was recognized and awarded 2nd prize of Thailand's National Innovation Agency (NIA) as one of the top ten innovation companies in 2006 for the invention of a heat-related technique to naturally produce a stabilized, non-rancid, brown rice for human consumption. Also, NIA and the Thai Patent Office (intellectual Property Dept.) have joinly award a Certificate of Recognition to the board members of Macro Food Tech for their ability to successfully commercialize thier invention.

MACROFOOD values well being of its customers through innovation of natural products and strives to uphold highest standards of practice thoughout all the product lines with spirit of servicing the community at large.
At MACROFOOD, we commit ourselves to explore the hidden value of Thai rice having been given by our motherland ouver thousands of years ago. MACROFOOD has collaborated with National Innovation Agency (NIA) to commercially launch Alpha PSP from native strains of rice that has demonstrated significant results in serveral applications as a functional food for the prevention and alleviation of most degenerative diseases and metabolic disorder. The collaboration issupported by Thai scientists, biochemists and researchers.
Rice, a kind of cereal well-known to the Thais and to all of Asia as a staple food for centuries, has plaed an essential role in nutrition and to the health of people worldwide....
Rice is an integral part of Thai culture and our way of life. It is the lifeblood nourishing Thailand from the past and into the future. History clearly demonstrates the enormous potential of Thai rice and...