Thai Rice for Better Life
Rice is well known to the Thais (and most Asians) from the day they are weaned from breast-feeding and has played an impotant role especially to the Thai people's way of lifesince olden times. It can be said that rice is the product originated from the endeavor and the industrious aspects of the ancients Thai people. Rice has been the bloodstream, nourishing Thailand from the past. In addition, rice has also inherited the nation's valuable legends, passing on from generation to generation. Therefore, all the Thai people have always realized the essential value of rice.

The effectiveness of using Thai rice to treat various ailments dates back many centuries, when ancient Thai folk medicine doctors successfully treated their patients with a liquid concoction containing natural herbs and native rice gruel.

These ancient healers knew that the human body has a natural power to heal itself when it is fed the right quality of nutrients that the body can recognize as food for the production of cellular energy. Presently, many leading scientists, physicians and biochemists in academic sectors are investigating the health benefit of certian cultivated rice as functional food.

Disclaimer: Theses statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not meant to cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
Rice, a kind of cereal well-known to the Thais and to all of Asia as a staple food for centuries, has plaed an essential role in nutrition and to the health of people worldwide. Over half of the world population, especially the Asians, consume rice as their major source of dietary intake. It can be said that rice is the product originated from the endeavor and the industrious aspects of the Thai people...
Rice is an integral part of Thai culture and our way of life. It is the lifeblood nourishing Thailand from the past and into the future. History clearly demonstrates the enormous potential of Thai rice and its intrinsic values which has yet to be fully relised. Innovation can and will enable us to continue to hold on to rice as our precious national asset, especially our native and pure...